Manufatura Aditiva com PME´s


Additive manufacturing and 3D printing have huge unexplored potential for industrial growth, Europe re-industrialization/smart specialization and economic prosperity.

AIMMAP and its Technological Center (CATIM) are developing a project with the objective of bridging the gap between Key Enabling Technologies (KET) in additive manufacturing and metalworking SME's allowing innovative and differentiated approaches to industrial processes, design, products, supply-chains and markets. Although the technology readiness level (TRL) for 3D printing is already high many SME's have mismatch conceptions about it, namely concerning incorporation level, available technologies, raw materials and costs.

With the project it's intended to create network synergies and technology knowledge and internalization following 3 steps: i) mapping knowledge, on the technology, raw materials, industrial process, design, new or renewed supply chains and markets; ii) establishing networks and matching potential partners in the value-chains; iii) technology ownership and/or incorporation.

3D printing is an important asset for the new economic revolution although some key questions arise concerning industrial manufacturing and value chain integration, such as the need for new certification processes grounded on validated advanced process inspection and quality control techniques to ensure that standards are being applied and up to date with technology and its incorporation in industry.